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WELCOME - I have been involved in the creative industries for many years. This site represents a small snapshot of my work but hopefully it will tell you a little about my approach.

All the photographs/images on this site are created from my own library of images, shot by me throughout a career in fashion and advertising, as well as personal work in London and abroad (with the exception of those used for book covers on the politics page).

I worked for a large range of clients such as House of Fraser, M&S, ipc magazines, National Magazines Gruner and Jahr, H bauer, G E Fabbri, DuPont, Canon, Conde Nast.

The arrival of digital technology saw me work in new ways, and through agents in London I found myself working for a new set of clients such as: NYSE, Home Office, SOM architects, Bausch & Lomb, TNS, ATL and many more

I continue to offer my services, and create something new almost daily images have been printed in large fpormat for exhibition, display and installations.

I am also currently designing/writing a magazine/book on creativity, and I am continuing work on revisting my fine art roots with new prints and paintings as part of my ongoing look at the theme Coast.

I have a great passion for motorsport, music, fashion, architecture and art.